Why use Drawniversity?

"There are tons of drawing tutorials online for free, why shouldn't I use those?"
You should, and often.  There is a lot of great drawing advice on the internet.  Many Blogs by artists that give out their tips, myself included.  But those tips only give you what that artist at the time was  spreading the word about, not how to apply it to YOUR work specifically.  With Drawniversiy, I can focus in and target the spots where your drawings need help.  You may and use the advice you see in the Bloggers' post, and it may improve what you have, but you don't know why it doesn't "sing" like you want it to.  
Using ready made tutorials is great for insight and reference, but you will only see how THEY approach the subject.  Here I offer the student to accomplish ARTISTIC INDEPENDENCE. With "A.I." you will never say, "I don't know how to draw that." You may say, "With a little reference I'll be able to put my spin on it."  You won't have to rely on your photo reference for exactness, you can just "refer" to it and have the freedom to take the drawing where you want it to go.
In general, we are unaware of what we don't know.  Over time you can come across it.  Using Drawniversity, I can cut to the chase.  An up and coming Baseball pitcher may have a great arm, but the advice of a Major League Player or Coach about where to put his elbow could potentially put him on the MVP track.

"How has this process helped you in the past?"
I can't even begin to tell you the education I received early on in my career (through today) by someone simply throwing a fresh piece of paper over my drawing and going over my work with me.  Right then and there I could see where my drawing worked and where it didn't.  What problems I had.  How my drawing could become something so much better then what it was when I started....and still be MY drawing. 

--Josh Taback

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